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TATTOOED MOTHER FUCKERS 'Straightjacket Symphonies' LP


Product Code THUG 004-LP
Condition New
Weight 1.000Lb

Newest studio album (2015) from the kings of Thug Rock! Available on Red or Grey wax (only 200 of each color made).


A1     Intro     
A2     Medicated Nation     
A3     Renegade     
A4     F.T.S (We've Gotta)     
A5     You Ain't A Member (Working Class)     
A6     My Dark PAssenger     
A7     Standing Steady     
B1     Leave Me Alone (Angelic Upstarts)
B2     Love Manifests Itself Through My Hate     
B3     Kick To Kill (Guttersnipe Army)
B4     Mad Mad World     
B5     TMF Crew     
B6     I Hate You     
B7     The World's Gone Mental     
B8     Insane