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REBEL HELL 'Thirst For Conquest' LP


Product Code SR11
Condition New
Weight 1.000Lb

Brutal sounds of war from Detroit! Originally released in 2003 on CD (only), available now for the first time on vinyl! Authorized limited edition pressing of 300 pieces on standard black vinyl, with insert. Available 12/1/17!


A1 Thirst For Conquest     
A2 Enemy At The Gates     
A3 Destruction..... And Then Some     
A4 We Kill, You Die     
A5 Iron Coffin     
A6 Violence Is In Style     
A7 To The Gun     
B1 Blood, Guts And War     
B2 Cut 'Em Down     
B3 From My Cold, Dead Fingers     
B4 Too Many Laws (Too Many Lawyers)     
B5 Walk Like A God     
B6 Off With Their Heads     
B7 Ain't No Feeble Bastard     
B8 War Cry