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PARA ELITE 'Battle Cry Anthems' CD


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Complete Studio Recordings from this kick ass Southern California Skinhead Oi! band! All the tracks from their 2 studio releases on Streetrock Records plus those from their 2014 split release with Total Annihilation. 21 tracks in all. Limited Edition digipak CD release (shrink wrapped), only 320 made! European customers contact Grey Zone Records to purchase!

DO WHAT WE DO (2017)
1.  Do What We Do     
2.  Don't Wanna Hear (2016)     
3.  Take It Or Leave It     
4.  Hail To You     
5.  Funeral Pyre     
6.  One Voice In The Crowd     

PUSH ON (2016)
7.  Who's To Blame     
8.  Should've Seen It Coming     
9.  Battlecry (2015)     
10. We Bleed For You     
11. Oil and Water (Fuck Islam)    
12. When We Were Younger     
13. Patriot (2015)     
14. Rivers Run Dry     
15. Glory Bound     
16. He's Red

BATTLE ON (2014)
17. Battlecry (2014)
18. Don't Wanna Hear (2014)    
19. Hang The Bankers     
20. Patriot (2014)    
21. Skinheads