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MADE IN JAPAN (Skinhead Sounds) DCD


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Skinhead Sounds From The Land of the Rising Sun! Double CD compilation featuring some of the best of Japanese Skinhead rock! 2001 release from Mother Fucking Sounds. Import.


1-1 Bad Vultures     Bluster     
1-2 Bad Vultures     77-82-93     
1-3 Bad Vultures     No Rule     
1-4 Bad Vultures     Buried Truth     
1-5 Bad Vultures     Brave & Strong     
1-6 Bad Vultures     Drink & Mess Up     
1-7 Bad Vultures     Grappler     
1-8 Bad Vultures     Go For It     
1-9 Bull The Buffalos     Bull The Buffalos     
1-10 Bull The Buffalos     Soldier     
1-11 Bull The Buffalos     Stop It     
1-12 Bull The Buffalos     Obtain The Right
1-13 Bull The Buffalos     Warriors Law
1-14 Bull The Buffalos     S.A.M.U.R.A.I.     
1-15 Bull The Buffalos     Smash It Up     
1-16 Bull The Buffalos     Fatherland     
1-17 The Hawks     Rock And Roll Band
1-18 The Hawks     Bad Morning     
1-19 The Hawks     Runaway     
1-20 The Hawks     Tamashi No Koe     
1-21 The Hawks     Tomorrow Belongs To Me     
1-22 The Hawks     Waiting On The Time     
2-1 Sledgehammer Werwolf     
2-2 Sledgehammer Lightning Strikes     
2-3 Sledgehammer Anthem     
2-4 Sledgehammer Stick Together     
2-5 Sledgehammer Merry Jingle     
2-6 Ikazuchi     Betrayer     
2-7 Ikazuchi     Violence Nocturne     
2-8 Cannons     Here Rise     
2-9 Cannons     Aggro Knuckle
2-10 Cannons     Run
2-11 Cannons     Rising Sun Flag     
2-12 Cannons     Fight And Win     
2-13 Cannons     Working Army     
2-14 Cannons     Victory     
2-15 Ouka     Firm Spirit     
2-16 Ouka     Low Life     
2-17 Ouka     Pride     
2-18 Eastern Youth     What We Protect     
2-19 Eastern Youth     Bite Your Master     
2-20 Eastern Youth     Capital Punishment